This information was for our 2015 Beer Fest In West. Stay tuned for 2016 details!

Join us for a weekend of beer, food, music and fun! Visit the Holiday Inn West Yellowstone October 17, 2015 and get ready to taste everything from smooth golden ales to bock lagers.

This year's Beer Fest in West includes our main beer tasting event and a chef's pairing dinner on Saturday. A new addition this year is HomeBrew Fest In West: a competition open to all amateur brewers. It's time to get brewing to meet our entry deadline of 10/15/2015! All events are held at the Holiday Inn West Yellowstone. Participants must be age 21 or older to attend the events.
Gallatin Valley Food Bank
We are also partnering with Gallatin Valley Food Bank for this event. Any and all donations are welcome, and will be accepted on-site.


Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 HomeBrew Fest In West!

Best In Show
First Place: Nicholas Matulich - Rheinheit (Pale Bitter European)
Second Place: Chris King - Mayan Porter (Spiced Beer)
Third Place: Derek Wolf - Great Scott (Scottish Ale)

Pale Bitter European
1. Nicholas Matulich - Rheinheit (40)
2. Shawn Scott - Export This (38.5)
3. Mark Hislop - Munich Lager (36)
Scottish Ale
1. Derek Wolf - Great Scott (37.5)
2. Roger Fingar - Scottish Ale (34)
3. Samuel Mason - Scottish 90 (24)
1. Mark Hislop - Rubber Leg RIS (42.5)
2. Doug Cunnington - TJ & Doug's Beer (40.5)

1. Rodney Kibzey - Free Hops (34.5)
2. William Thompson - Moving to Montana (33.5)
3. Mark Hislop - Hopslop #5 (29)
Strong American Ale
1. Derek Wolf - Harvest Moon (40)
2. Doug Cunnington - Brodie Ale (37.5)
3. Nocholas Venteicher - Hop Bee (36)
1. Chris King - Mayan Porter (42)
2. Rodney Kibzey - Black Pep (41.5)
3. Derek Wolf - Belgian Paradise (35.5)

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