Get a Jump Start on your Winter Getaway!

It's never too early to start dreaming about snow and first-class winter recreation! When the snow begins to fall, Yellowstone becomes a winter wonderland, and access to the Park is limited to snowcoach, snowmobile, cross-country ski and snowshoe. If you want to experience Yellowstone in its most natural state, winter is definitely the time to visit.

Learn about the wide variety of winter recreation available in Yellowstone, or browse our winter packages, which can be tailored specifically to your needs and give you a winter getaway you will never forget!

Yellowstone - America's First Playground


Did You Know? Grizzly bears are powerful predators, but much of their diet consists of nuts, berries, fruit, leaves, and roots.

Spanning approximately 2.2 million acres and featuring more than 300 geysers and 200 waterfalls.

Hopefully, you plan on bringing hiking boots. Because when you explore Yellowstone National Park, you've got lots to do. Up, down and all-around. You're surrounded with adventure. And it's simply captivating.

No place else on earth has so many incredible feats of nature. Animals – big ones – are everywhere, along with prismacolor thermal ponds, mountain streams and endless evergreens. And all this natural bounty isn't just sitting around idly in the background. It's a huge outdoor playground, waiting for you to conquer it. Get out there and snowmobile, cross-country ski, hike, bike, fly fish and kayak. If there's an outdoor activity you've got in mind, you can do it in Yellowstone.

And since you've got so much to do, it's best to stay at a place that's close by, comfortable and convenient. Of course, that's the Park Gate Lodges. So take your time and explore our site. It's filled with information on all things adventure here in Yellowstone National Park. And you won't need hiking boots to get around.

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