Happy Trails to You


There are over 1,100 miles of trails in Yellowstone, offering a variety of lengths and levels. You will never run out of trails to hike!

Lace up your boots, grab your backpack and hit the trail!

Just the names of Yellowstone hiking trails can start your imagination racing. Mallard Lake, Mystic Falls, Lone Star Geyser and Fairy Falls are all along trails that spoke out from Yellowstone's Old Faithful hub. Fountain Paint Pot is a half-mile boardwalk loop that serves as a greatest-hits collection of Yellowstone's hydrothermal wonders. The hike starts with a visit to the turquoise waters of Celestine Pool and Silex Spring, and then follows a boardwalk north to today's living geology lesson-a gurgling cauldron where tiny, heat-loving organisms convert solid rock into bubbling clay.

To top it all off, West Yellowstone's Rendezvous Ski Trails show their all-season versatility as a great destination to hike and run in the summer and fall. There is always a good chance that you will see wildlife on this Yellowstone hiking trail, so stay alert and be prepared for close encounters of the wildlife kind.

The National Park Service also offers free, naturalist-led programs and interpretive walks and hikes; see the park's newspaper, Yellowstone Today, for the latest West Yellowstone hiking calendar.

For assistance with planning your Yellowstone activities, please contact your hotel's activity director.

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