Big Game Hunting in West Yellowstone


A large bull elk crosses a river in the glow of early dawn.

The Yellowstone region is a mecca for big game hunters.

From mountainous terrain to the high plains, West Yellowstone hunting offers a variety of landscapes with plentiful big game, small game, and waterfowl hunting opportunities. Although hunting is not permitted within Yellowstone Park grounds, elk hunting with rifle or bow is permitted on the park border and throughout the surrounding area, so you can explore the park one day, and enjoy a wild hunt just outside of park borders the next.

Depending on the type of game and the state or national park area in which you plan to hunt, specific hunting seasons can vary. In general, West Yellowstone peak hunting season begins in late summer/early autumn and, for certain types of game, can run as late as December. 

With a big game selection as varied as the West Yellowstone terrain, the chance to claim an elk, moose, bighorn sheep, antelope, deer, or even bear attracts hunters to West Yellowstone from all over the world. To experience firsthand the untapped wilderness of West Yellowstone’s hunting region and potentially take home a hard-earned West Yellowstone souvenir, book your stay with one of our Park Gate Lodges today.

For more information about hunting options or hunting license requirements in West Yellowstone, please contact us at 877-600-4308 or contact the Fish & Game organizations of Montana, Wyoming, or Idaho for specific hunting seasons and hunting license requirements.

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