A Photographer's Paradise


A classic Yellowstone Kodak Moment - A snap-happy photographer captures the unique beauty of Yellowstone in winter.

At Yellowstone, photography is a favorite pastime.

If there is one thing that you can't forget (in addition to warm outerwear, of course!) when visiting the park, it is a camera with a good zoom lens.

Yellowstone's spectacular, four-season scenery makes it a photographer's paradise. Wide-angle geology like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Old Faithful, and Mammoth Hot Springs will fill your frame with once-in-a-lifetime images.

This photogenic land of Technicolor ponds and torrential geysers is also known as the best place to photograph wildlife in the lower 48 states. Bison, elk, moose, and bears are popular portrait subjects in many guests' Yellowstone Park photography projects; just keep your distance and use your zoom (and common sense) when asking them to smile for the camera!

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