A Natural Wonder Around Every Turn


Yellowstone is home to some of the most breathtaking country in the US. Take our scenic driving tour to explore mountain lakes, geyser basins, majestic canyon country, lush meadows, and more.

Discover some of the greatest natural icons of the American West.

It's a big country out here, with ribbons of highway rolling from one scenic horizon to the next. Whether you're dreaming of expansive Wyoming landscapes with rivers rushing through vast meadows, capturing the perfect shot of a grizzly bear and her cubs (with your zoom lens, of course), or witnessing Old Faithful erupt for the first (or hundredth) time, Yellowstone journeys will touch your heart and soul with the experiences – and memories – of a lifetime.

Yellowstone National Park is the hub for some of America's most scenic drives. Inspiring routes that traverse through high alpine country, towering rocky spires, and terrain dotted with jewel-like cobalt lakes and soaring stands of evergreen forest. Big wild animals, majestic peaks and hydrothermal fireworks at every turn.

Roll down your windows, make sure the driver is keeping at least one (preferably both) eyes on the road, and get ready to see some of the greatest natural icons of the American West, up close and personal.

Click on the map to your right to take a Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park, or read below to learn about a few of Yellowstone's most scenic "hot spots".

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