Guided Snowcoach Tours


A Snowcoach tour to Old Faithful and Geyser Basins departs daily. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone tour runs on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

One of the easiest options to experience Yellowstone is aboard a guided snowcoach tour.

Many of our guests believe the easiest and most enjoyable way to experience the majesty of winter in Yellowstone is aboard a snow coach – customized, climate controlled driving machines that may remind you of something the Swiss Army invented. Yellowstone snow coach tours reveal a winter wonderland of snowbound beauty. Like a magical Polar Express, they get you to Yellowstone's Old Faithful basin and other scenic spots regardless of snow conditions or inclement weather.

You'll enjoy the camaraderie of fellow snow coach travelers and have the opportunity to stop whenever and wherever you want for that perfect photo op. Yellowstone snow coach tour guides deliver interpretive information en route to enrich the experience. They may even tell a joke or two, or lead the group in campfire-inspired song. Wonderful things can happen within the friendly confines of a warm and toasty snow coach!

Snowcoach tour destinations include Old Faithful & Geyser Basins and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Old Faithful & Geyser Basins: Ride a snowmobile to see animals in their natural habitat, Old Faithful, and many other geysers and thermal pools.
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone: The upper and lower Falls are spectacular with snow clinging on the canyon walls and an ice bridge that forms along the bottom. Also watch for wildlife along the way.

Tours operate from December 15 through March 15 (Canyon, until March 9).

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