November 24-28: West Yellowstone Ski Festival

Kick off the Nordic ski season in style with a thrilling series of races, clinics, demonstrations and more! The annual Yellowstone Ski Festival takes place November 24-28.

Visit our Ski Week page for full details!


Introducing Park Gate Lodges

A great collection of Yellowstone accommodations

You're going to Yellowstone. You've decided to come face-to-face with the power of nature. To put yourself in the same neck of the woods with grizzlies, elk, and bison, and saunter past boiling cauldrons. So when you think about Yellowstone lodging options, proximity to the great outdoors is just as important as what your hotel has indoors. Why stay in West Yellowstone? It's an easy choice, really. Park Gate Lodges are only blocks from the park entrance and the closest to Yellowstone's most alluring attractions – Old Faithful geyser and the Upper and Lower Geyser Basins.

With Yellowstone National Park lodging options ranging from family-style to cozy enough for couples, the four Park Gate Lodges are simply the most convenient places to stay during your expedition.

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