Environmentally Responsible Yellowstone Meetings


GreenPath Meetings - Every meeting at the Holiday Inn® West Yellowstone Conference Center is designed to perfectly preserve our awe-inspiring surroundings.

We have earned international praise for our ability to stage environmentally friendly meetings.

Meetings and celebrations at Park Gate Lodges come with a natural upgrade: deep engagement with America's first national park, right next door. The Holiday Inn® West Yellowstone's meetings and events team is sensitive to the fragile nature of the park and continuously looking for ways to minimize the impact of business on the environment.

Thanks to our award-winning GreenPath Meetings™ program, every event at the Holiday Inn® West Yellowstone Conference Center honors our awe-inspiring surroundings. In fact, we specialize in green meetings. By providing guests with sustainable food offerings on our catering menus, water-conserving features in each of our guest rooms and minimal use of paper products throughout the hotel, we are able to provide guests with everything they want and need without sacrificing the environment.

For an even more eco-friendly experience, groups can choose one of several upgraded Yellowstone green meetings packages. Call one of our meetings specialists for more information. Learn more about our Green meetings policy.

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