Yellowstone Lake is located one hour east of West Yellowstone, and provides a setting for many major park activities.

Although geothermal features are one of the main draws to Yellowstone National Park, the park's allure is multifaceted, and any Yellowstone experience would be incomplete without the region's scenic lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Among the most popular in West Yellowstone are Hebgen Lake, Henrys Lake, and of course Yellowstone Lake, located about an hour east of West Yellowstone. The lakes of West Yellowstone inspire some of the park's most popular activities, including boating and fishing, and offer a picturesque backdrop for camping and hiking throughout the park.

Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone Lake is the largest body of water in Yellowstone Park, with a 136-square-mile surface area. Yellowstone Lake is located one hour east of West Yellowstone, and provides a setting for many major park activities, including camping, hiking, and scenic lake cruises.

Hebgen Lake
Hebgen Lake is a man-made lake located in southwest Montana, formed by the construction of the Hebgen Dam in 1914. Hebgen Lake has been called the premier still-water fishing lake in Montana, and offers a healthy population of browns, rainbows, and cutthroat trout.

Earthquake Lake (Quake Lake)
In 1959, a powerful earthquake damaged Hebgen Dam and shook the surrounding mountains, causing an overflow of Hebgen Lake waters and creating Earthquake Lake a few miles east. The Hebgen and Quake Lake recreational area offers fishing, boating, hiking, and extensive camping opportunities. The Quake Lake Visitor Center also offers information, souvenirs, and a panoramic view of the landscape that was affected by the historic earthquake.

Henrys Lake
Henrys Lake is located near the northeastern Idaho/southwestern Montana state line, and is generally open for use from Memorial Day through mid-October. It is estimated that there are over a million catchable trout in Henrys Lake, making it a favored location for fishing in West Yellowstone. There is a limit of two fish per day, but many visitors catch and release upwards of 20 fish per day. Both tent camping and camping cabins are available at the Henrys Lake recreation area.

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